About Us


lee-glenn-with-momLee Glenn

Being a senior move manager was the natural evolutionary step from Lee’s prior 25 years experience in administration, organizational management, research, counseling, and relocation. After working as a social research assistant at UCLA and UNC respectively, she started and ran an organizational management business for 10 years before becoming a manager at a local moving company. Three years later, she returned to school to earn a master’s degree in clinical psychology. Her last semester in graduate school, she began working with seniors to help them relocate (utilizing her entire skill set while throwing a little muscle into the mix). In addition to loving people’s stories, she felt ‘called’ to service, and has been incalculably rewarded since.

“You did an outstanding job of unpacking and setting up my new home. It was a work of thoughtfulness and caring. I can’t thank you sufficiently.”

christine-carnahanChris Carnahan

Christine’s interest in Senior Move Management comes naturally. As a navy brat who moved countless times, she learned the essentials of successful relocation early on – adaptability, resourcefulness and resilience. Her nomadic life contributed to an interesting and diverse career in management and human resources. After a corporate layoff, she started a downsizing/relocation company. During that process she had the good fortune to meet Lee Glenn at PRO, and the rest is history. Her only regret is that she didn’t get into the business sooner. She loves the challenges and satisfaction that come with coordinating and solving complex relocation issues for seniors and their families. To a greater extent, she loves listening to client “stories.” On its surface, Senior Move Management is about moving and dealing with peoples’ stuff. But in reality it’s about respecting and acknowledging that possessions are what make people who they are: Their stuff is their story.

tracy-lynnTracy Lynn

A “people person,” Tracy is equipped with the know-how to facilitate life transition, having reincarnated her business acumen multiple times as a small business owner and independent contractor for three decades. Her professions include sign language and tactile signing for the deaf/blind, General Manager and VP of an electric guitar manufacturer, volunteer and non-profit Program Manager, land-use consultant, and more. She holds a B.A. from UNC-CH in Cultural Geography with a minor in City and Regional Planning. The disposition of a six-generation family farm and a little real estate savvy led to a niche in senior care management, including downsizing, packing, and relocation. When not working for PRO, Tracy performs as a musician, volunteers, and enjoys the company of her teenage son.